Bridge the Gap between your helpdesk and SAP

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Bridge the Gap between your helpdesk and SAP

Helpdesk systems are now fundamental to the way that companies manage their support teams and comply with their Service level agreements.
The workflow for provisioning users usually crosses two distinct software process boundaries.

• The user approval workflow is managed within a helpdesk system.
• The user record is created within SAPs authorisation system.

These two systems provide two separate disconnected audit trails which are not easy to reconcile and result in duplicated effort:

• The Help desk ticket needs updating with details of the modification.
• The user needs informing of the change.
• Passwords may need synchronising in different systems resulting in wasted effort.

Consequently the creation of new users tends to create a significant amount of work while the unlocking of accounts can be one of the single biggest contributors to the helpdesk workload.
Fortunately there is a way to reduce this effort, reduce your costs and free up your support staff to add value to your business.

Connectivity Is The Key

The key is the great connectivity options that are provided both by SAP and most of the leading helpdesk vendors that allow these two distinct processes to be joined into one.
SAP provides a number of methods to connect systems. Web services are one of them, over the last ten years they have been increasingly hailed as the ideal solution to connect disparate systems.
When we have been looking at connecting systems, web services will often be our first port of call.

Drive your User Provisioning From Your Helpdesk

By driving user provisioning entirely from your helpdesk approval flow, there is an immediate productivity gain, help desk operatives do not even need to be given SAP clients. The audit trail becomes quicker , easier and cheaper. What’s more once organisations realise that approval workflows and associated actions can be joined into a single audit trail, role modifications, transport system operations and other administrative functions can be managed in the same way.

If you are an organisation looking to find productivity savings and improve your auditing, then connecting the disjoints in your systems could be the way to a more effective future.

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