SAP Security

A complete SAP security solution

We provide a complete SAP security service. If you are implementing a new SAP system, looking for support of an existing system or are considering improvements for an existing security scheme then talk to us to see if we can help.

We can provide support remotely or on your site. If you need occasional help to support your existing team, we can provide a service on an hourly or daily basis.

Previous Projects

Contact us to see how we can help with your project

• Security scheme design and implementations.
• User role provisioning.
• Security authorisations troubleshooting and remedial action.
• Auditing of security landscapes.
• Security reviews of bespoke ABAP code.
• Security role reengineering and regression testing

Security Audit

Complete technical and access permission audits.

We provide a complete and vigorous security audit service. We can check the technical aspects of your system and your user access provisions. We can assess your system against our standard risk rule book and identify new risks specific to your business. We can provide software that will give you work flowed and segregation of duty compliant access provisioning to allow you to conform to your SOX and audit requirements.

Security Scheme Design

Full life Cycle Role Design

We approach role design as an engineering process. A phased method is used that has been proven over many projects.

High level Steps involve :

• Enterprise Function Definition.
• Outline Design of the task / Function Matrix.
• Detailed Design
• Implementation – Single Derived and Composite Role creation.
• Test, Document and Review.

Joining The Dots

Connect your helpdesk and SAP System

Improve your productivity by using your helpdesk workflow to drive your SAP security provisioning. We leverage our SAP and development experience to connect helpdesk and SAP systems. We deliver integrated and auditable provisioning systems that allow you to work faster, easier and free up your staff to add value to your business.

Talk to us for an informal, free, no obligation discussion to see how we can help you achieve your objectives.

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